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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Perfect Weekend

Last night Abe came down to set up my TV, because of course, I have no idea how to work anything electronic. After that, I started asking him where to get photos printed and where to buy a kettle, etc. so he suggested Martha, his wife, take me for a drive around the town to show me everything while he sets up my TV. So Martha, her daughter, myself and max (their dog) all went for what we thought would be a short drive through La Crete. Little did we know, however, that La Crete actually has a lot to offer! We were over an hour on our little adventure, but now I think I know where just about everything is. Most importantly: I know where the rodeo grounds are!

Of course, when I got home it was nearing 11pm, which is 1am in Ontario, so I couldn't get ahold of Chris before I went to bed, which made me really sad. After about four attemps at calling him, an email, and probably 4 or 5 texts, I gave up and went to bed. At midnight, I received a quick I love you and goodnight call from Chris, so I could sleep happy.

This morning I went to church with Abe, Martha, and Martha's mother, in Fort Vermilion. It was really nice. I hadn't been to church in a few years, so I was a little nervous, but everyone was really welcoming and Abe and Martha introduced me to a ton of people. I am so lucky to have them as landlords. They really take care of me! A few people noticed my face from the picture in the Northern Pioneer, which I found a little embarassing, but also flattering.

I got home shortly after 130 and called Chris, so we met online to have a skype date. We've been finding it hard to find the time to just talk and "hangout" so we played checkers, chess and hangman on skype. It was a lot of fun. We played for about an hour and a half before he left to visit with his family. Then I visited with my room mate on skype for a while. It probably sounds silly that I've been sitting at the computer for most of the afternoon, but it's sure been nice to visit with everyone from Ontario! Skype doesn't make the distance seem so far.

I've found a bunch of chocolate so I think it would be wise to go for a walk later... but we'll see how ambitious I'm feeling after this chocolate bar!

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