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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Becoming a Fire Fighter...?

Last Monday, Peter Weibe, the fire chief for our local fire department in La Crete, stopped by the office to introduce himself. While he was in, he asked if I'd like to join the fire department. I laughed at the idea, but he said a reporter in High Level had joined their fire department and it really ended up benefiting both the fire department and the local newspaper. He said I wouldn't be running into any burning buildings, because I would be taking photos, primarily, working as media. I considered the idea, and eventually convinced Lisa to come to the meeting that night.

Her husband didn't like the idea, but I was still glad she had come. There are about 20 firefighters, I was told, and I would be the only girl on staff -- which makes me a little nervous.

While I was at the fire station Monday night I got to try on a bunch of firefighting equipment. I could hardly even walk -- then the firefighters all took off on a run! I wished them luck and decided to ride in the truck instead. We met them at the playground, where they proceeded to use the playground as an obstacle course. Whether it was for training or not, it looked absolutely hilarious! There were about 8 grown men in firefighting suits going down slides head first, sliding down poles, and crawling through tunnels. Definitely a sight to see!

So now I need to decide whether I want to go through with it or not. At this point, I'm still not sure...

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