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Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 8: Trip Day Four

Last night Chris and I stayed just outside of Medicine Hat, Alberta. The motel we stayed in was cheap, in more ways than one. We liked the price -- hated the motel. But we had tried three hotels in Medicine Hat (a beautiful city, by the way) it was nearing 1AM. We looked up the nearest town on my GPS and found a motel. I called and booked us a room.

When we got there, it was possiby the sketchiest motel ever. It was like, a scary movie. First of all, it wasn't even on a real road. Secondly, the walls were a weird brick, like in my gradeschool halls. Finally, internet. Luckily, we weren't there for long.

Since we had made such great time, we decided to go to Banff for the night. Driving pthrough Calgary was nice. It was a beautiful city and I wish we could have stopped, but I had bigger and better things on my mind: mountains!

As we were just entering the rockies, Chris saw a sign for helicopter rides in the rockies. You will never believe it, but we did it. I actually got on a helicopter. It was amazing! You could see for so long! All you could see were rockies.

When we got to Banff we checked into an adorable two star motel. It looked like a little cottage. The bed was so soft and everything had dark wood trim. We brought in our things and headed out for a walk for some grub.

We ended up at this nice little Irish pub. Chris tried desperately to get me to eat uncooked seafood, but I stood my ground. At the pub Chris had two beer and I had one cider and due to lack of food that day, we were both a little tipsy by the end. We had a fun little walk through Banff and in the mall in the evenig working off our buzz.

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