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Thursday, October 28, 2010

And it... a brand new car!!

Chris and I have been hmm-ing and haw-ing over a new vehicle. Me, being the girl, thought we should get something older, used, something more affordable. Chris, on the other hand, wanted something shiny.

I wanted something with 4wheel or All-wheel drive, because apparently that's a must in moving to Northnern Alberta. It's one of those things most people failed to mention before getting here, and you just kind of pick up on when you pull into a parking lot filled with giant trucks driving a tiny Sunfire.

We wanted a truck, but lets get real here, we both have GIANT OSAP loans to pay off and we're both just getting started on our jobs. Therefore, a 30,000-50,000 truck was out of the question.

We looked at a few SUVs and Jeeps, and really liked them. I was stuck on something with 4wheel drive, preferrably with heated seats, while chris wanted his sunroof. Finally, we found something we could both agree on.

A beautiful, red, 2007 Dodge Caliber.

It has my all-wheel drive for those long, snowy drives, as well as heated seats for both the front seats, both of which I wanted. It has Chris's sunroof, and it's red, which is gorgeous. And to top it off, it has a fridge in it, which will make an 8 hour trip to Edmonton so much easier! It also has a subwoofer, so watch out La Crete while I blast those country beats!

Becomming an Albertan

It's official, I'm an Alberta.

I'm not sure how to feel about it. Excited? Because now I am officially a grown up, with a grown up job. Or sad? Because I love Ontario, and now I'm no longer an Ontarian.

My Albertan license came in the mail about a week ago. It sure isn't as beautiful as my blue and green Ontario licnese, but I suppose it will do.

Then, my Alberta Health "card" came in. I put card in quotations because you can hardly call the thick peice of paper a card. It's not even laminated. *sigh* they just don't do things the same way here in Alberta, my fellow Ontarians!

In a few minutes Chris will be putting my Alberta license plate on my car, which I purchased about three or four weeks ago, but have neglected to put on my car. Partly, because I was lazy and the weather has been far too cold. But mostly because I didn't want to get rid of the last Ontarian Id I had. Besides, I love it when people comment on my license plate. Today, while I was getting gas, the lady beside me rolled down her window and said "You're a long way from home!" We talked a little bit about Ontario, which I love, because I sure miss it!

Okay, I'm a little LOT homesick and can't WAIT for Christmas to go back home and see everyone I left behind!

Until then,
-Dearly missing Ontario

Thursday, October 14, 2010


For Thanksgiving, Chris, Kristin, Greg and I headed to Jasper to fill the empty void that would be there without seeing our friends and family over the holiday. Lets just say, the mountains sure filled that void!

However, since I haven't got a lot of time to fill you in now about it, check out Kristin's blog at: get some details about the trip from her perspective.

It was amazing! "Breathtaking" was the word of the trip, and rightfully so!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

3 Ontarians + 1 New Brunwick-er

I do appologise for being so busy, and not updating my blog sooner!

A few weeks ago Kristin and I finally visited each other. I went to her house for the premiere of Greys Anatomy on a Thursday, and we went shopping and to Tim Hortons. Of course, I spent way too much money at Walmart and we baked cookies, drank wine, and did a lot of gossiping!

Grimshaw is beautiful. She definitely got the better location (being only 20 minutes away from a Tim Hortons and Walmart), however, I am the only reporter at my paper which makes my job fun because I get to choose my hours and projects. All in all, its a win-win situation!

On Saturday, Kristin came to La Crete to visit Chris and I for the night. She came while Chris was working, so we had time to gossip without a boys interfearance. We went in to La Crete to buy the new High Valley CD, and then like the total creepers we are, stook outside their parents' home just across the street and took photos of us with the High Valley CDs. I'll be sure to upload that once I get it on my computer!

By the way, I LOVE their CD. It is SO La Crete. Fellow Ontarians, they are touring in Ontario in Belleville, Peterborough, and Oshawa (opening for Carolyn Dawn Johnson) you guys should totally go!

Then Chirs, Kristin and I decided to go to the Blue Hills Lookout. All the while, Kristin was assuring us "this is going to be breathtaking" as my car was fishtailing and swirving around on the thick gravel road. It started to get mucky, so I decided to drop it into second. Then first. Then I realized my car wasn't moving. I tried third, second, first, drive. Nothing. Now, I had started to roll backward. I quickly slam on the break and pull the emergency break and Kristin and Chris get out to investigate. They ended up wiping off as much muck as they could from my tires so I could back down the gia-normous hill, which was also on a curve. Of course, we stopped for a photo shoot before backing down the rest of the hill.

That evening we had a local teacher over to play Dutch Blitz and Blockus. Hilarious! So much fun. His name was Greg, and I believe he will become my new La Crete best friend!

That night at 2am we were called to a fire call. I had had a couple of drinks, so Chris had to drive me to it. So there we go, all four of us, to an accident down on 94th. It was a lot of fun and Kristin was too excited to be called by the fire department at 2am!

The next morning, Chirs, Kristin and I went to a Christian Fellowship church and then had a wonderful picnic outside while playing bored games. Around three, Kristin left, thinking she was going home. Little did she know the ferry would be closed, forcing her to return to La Crete by 5pm, wasting two hours of driving and gas, to go north an hour to High Level and then back down toward Grimshaw. She made it safely home by 9pm.

This weekend, Chris, Kristin, Greg and I are going to Jasper for two nights (thanks to my wonderful Uncle Paul for booking us the hotel!), so I'll be sure to update my blog again after our trip to the beatiful rockies!