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Monday, January 23, 2012

Check me out, online!

Okay, so I've been working for the Bonnyville Nouvelle for a while now, so here are a couple of items that have made it to the website that I think you should all check out :)

Here's a link to my first column, just a little introduction about me:

Here's my column the next week; a little rant about housing prices in Bonnyville.

And finally, my first VIDEO! Be sure to check this out. It's about Malanka, the Ukrainian New Year!

Enjoy! More to come soon!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reflection from my first few weeks in Bonnyville

So, I’ve been working for The Bonnyville Nouvelle for about a week and a half, and so far, I’m loving it.

Hopefully, I’ll still be able to say that a few months from now :P

The community is great and so are my coworkers. Of course, being away from Chris and now sharing these moments with him has been hard, but it’s been good to be able to focus more on my job and getting into routine.

I just finished my first full week and tomorrow we go to production. I’ve done a few features and profiles, as well as cover Town council, school board and other events.

So far, I love working in a newsroom with other reporters, and, surprisingly, I love working under an editor. I always thought there would be some sort of power struggle, or butting heads, but really, I just love not having the responsibility of doing it all: coming up with story ideas, covering all the events, working every weekend and editing all the articles myself. I love bouncing ideas off Melissa and Brendon, even though the three of us are entirely different people with often conflicting views.

Tomorrow, Monday, is our production day. Brandon, Melissa and I will all show up at 9am, which is something we rarely do. We will each go through the pages as they will be shown in the paper. First, Brandon and I will read through the articles, making any necessary changes and initially the page; then Melissa will read through and make the final changes. After that, we have our story meeting.

Here, we all brainstorm events we’ll cover and story ideas. We all help each other come up with ideas or events in the beats we each cover (really, it’s more of Melissa and I giving Brandon all the sports-related articles, while Melissa and I focus on arts, education and political issues.

However, Chris and I are still in need of a place to live and the fact that I’ve taken a pay cut hasn’t helped with the huge rise in living cost. However, even with having to pay more for rent, I still think we’ll be happier living and working in Bonnyville :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Life in Bonnyville

I've been working at The Bonnyville Nouvelle for a few days now, so needless to say, this blog post is far overdue.

The quaint town is lively and energetic. The community has a lot to offer and so far, I'm really finding the warmth of home - although that might have to do with the drastic temperature change!

Chris is back up in La Crete until the end of February and though it's been in the positives here in Bonnyville, Chris said they have been pushing -20 in La Crete. No, I don't envy him at all!

Working for the Nouvelle is a lot of fun. The staff is laid back and fun and so far it's been a pretty easy adjustment - aside from being sick! My new editor is Melissa and I am sharing reporting roles with Brandon. We share the newsroom office space together and so far have been sharing a lot of laughs.

Today was our first production day today. Though Brandon and I are both getting over colds, and Melissa (arguably) is just getting one, it didn't go as smoothly as planned; we also had a giant distraction: our (hopefully) soon-to-be office kitty.

Today, a kitten was brought to the Nouvelle office and hung out with all the staff for the day. The publisher, Clare, wasn't in today, so we all shared a part in coming up with ideas and tactics to justify keeping the cat. Though Clare initially shot down the idea of an office kitty, she then changed her tone. She said we need to deliver a convincing presentation tomorrow, stating why we should keep the office pet and how we plan to care for it. So I drafted a pros and cons list (of course, the cons side was empty) and we'll present it to her tomorrow. I really hope we get to keep her! I wanted to name her Nouvelle, but, sadly, I was outvoted.

I will be sure to keep you all updated on my new Bonnyville life and, most importantly, if we get to keep our office pet.