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Monday, January 9, 2012

Life in Bonnyville

I've been working at The Bonnyville Nouvelle for a few days now, so needless to say, this blog post is far overdue.

The quaint town is lively and energetic. The community has a lot to offer and so far, I'm really finding the warmth of home - although that might have to do with the drastic temperature change!

Chris is back up in La Crete until the end of February and though it's been in the positives here in Bonnyville, Chris said they have been pushing -20 in La Crete. No, I don't envy him at all!

Working for the Nouvelle is a lot of fun. The staff is laid back and fun and so far it's been a pretty easy adjustment - aside from being sick! My new editor is Melissa and I am sharing reporting roles with Brandon. We share the newsroom office space together and so far have been sharing a lot of laughs.

Today was our first production day today. Though Brandon and I are both getting over colds, and Melissa (arguably) is just getting one, it didn't go as smoothly as planned; we also had a giant distraction: our (hopefully) soon-to-be office kitty.

Today, a kitten was brought to the Nouvelle office and hung out with all the staff for the day. The publisher, Clare, wasn't in today, so we all shared a part in coming up with ideas and tactics to justify keeping the cat. Though Clare initially shot down the idea of an office kitty, she then changed her tone. She said we need to deliver a convincing presentation tomorrow, stating why we should keep the office pet and how we plan to care for it. So I drafted a pros and cons list (of course, the cons side was empty) and we'll present it to her tomorrow. I really hope we get to keep her! I wanted to name her Nouvelle, but, sadly, I was outvoted.

I will be sure to keep you all updated on my new Bonnyville life and, most importantly, if we get to keep our office pet.

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