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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My next adventure

It's official: I'll be beginning my second full-time jouralism adventure this winter. I'm starting 2012 with a new job, new town, and a new start.

I've accepted the position of Senior Reporter/Photographer for The Bonnyville Nouvelle, in Bonnyville, Alberta. Yes, still in Alberta, but about 10 hours south of here (still technically in northern Alberta though) and just inside the Saskatchewant border. Here's the link to their very impressive website:

I accepted the job a few days ago and officially gave my notice late last week. My last official day at The Northern Pioneer will be Dec. 19, when I finish up for deadline day, before we fly home for Christmas on Dec. 20. When we fly back on Jan. 3, we will drive to La Crete, gather up our things, and head to Bonnyville.

Well, at least I will. It's likely that Chris will be staying in La Crete until late January, or early February. Not ideal to be apart for the first part of the move, but doable. It will give me time to adjust and focus on my job.

I'll be working with the editor and assistant publisher. Some of my articles may appear online and in the interview, we also discussed some video footage. It will be fun to play around with some of the multimedia tools I learned at Guelph-Humber.

I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. We're not sure what the community has to offer, but hope we will enjoy the new location and make friends easily. Of course, deciding to leave was hard, having so many great friends here in La Crete now, but we decided we have to do what's best for our careers and future.

In Bonnyville, we will be about 20-30 mins to Cold Lake, a small city with a military base, and about two hours to Edmonton. You know what that means, fellow Ontarians: you have no excuse not to fly to Edmonton to come visit me!

I'll keep you all updated on my transition to Bonnyville. So far, we haven't found an appartment or made any other arrangements aside from accept the job. It's a little scary, not know yet where we will live or how things will work out, but we're confident it will all work out.

See you soon, Ontarians! One month from today I'll be home!

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