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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Remedies for the winter blahs

It's coming and it's coming fast: winter.

It's been nearly two months since I've written in my blog. I can try to blame a lot of things: pretend by saying I've been too busy, or blame pure laziness, but I think I'll stick to the easiest: the winter blahs.

Though we've only had a few snowfalls in La Crete yet this year (as opposed to have about a foot of snow by this time last year. We got snow Oct 25 that lasted until April) it's still getting darker, slower and definitely colder. My poor sunfire (yep - it's still kicking!) isn't liking the -18 nights we've had lately.

Last year about this time I took a part time job at the La Crete & Area Chamber of Commerce to keep me busy and try to help me out of the winter blahs. However, this year I've decided that taking a part time job may be too difficult, as my schedule is all over the place, so I've decided to stick to one full time job. However, the problem still lies: how will I keep myself busy during the cold, short days of winter?

I've decided to take up a few hobbies. When mom came out in the summer, I asked her to bring my scrapbooking things along. Though I've only used them once or twice so far, I plan to make all my Christmas cards this year and do some fun picture things to brighten the place up this winter.

As well, I've started reading again, something that I never really got into doing too much of. I've been reading The Help (I got too busy and had to put it down for a few weeks but have picked it back up again and am loving it) and reading Macleans and more online news.

However, when reading and scrapbooking isn't enough, I've decided I may do something I though was only for highschoolers and seniors: volunteer.

I've put in an application to become a Victim Support Advocate for the Fort Vermilion unit. This will be nice because it's in Fort, instead of La Crete, so it will get me out of the town a little and into the community for non-news-related reasons, which will allow me to meet more people on a more personal level - I hope. However, this application process can take months.

So in the meantime, I will read. And scrapbook. And I've been debating buying a sewing machine so I can sew, but until then, my friend Julie (yep - I even have a few more friends if you can believe it!) bought one, so I may need to sneak into her giant house to use hers while she teaches. Shh, don't tell Julie.

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