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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Grocery Bags & Recycling

One of the first things I noticed here is how people pack their grocery bags here. First of all, I have yet to see anyone using a re-usable grocery bag (I haven't used mine yet because I haven't finished unpacking, and they're all full of shoes, dresses and girly things!). Secondly, people sure do not believe in packing their bags full around here.

I had to laugh to myself, because today I bought groceries after work and most bags only had one to three items in them. It's nice for those who don't want to carry a heavy load, but either way, those groceries have to come in. So whether you use 1 bad for the 5 items I've bought, or 3, I am carrying them all in at once. So there I am, walking from my car to my apartment, carying likely 9 or 10 bags, each with a couple of items in them. Sure, they weren't heavy, but that's a lot of handles to grip! And not to mention, these are all going to end up in a landfill and never completely decompose.

I'm not sure if Alberta is less "green" than Ontario (I always thought it would be more "green") but hardly anything can be recycled. It's strange. I'm used to recycling, composting, and filling my re-usable grocery bags as full as I could in order to live "green" and it seems people are not quite as concerned about those things here. Not to say that they're ignorant of living green, it's just strange to throw away cardboard, paper, and table scraps.

Ahhhh well, I guess we have SO much land up here (because no one else lives here except Santa) so there's no one else to complain about the recycling and compost going into the garbage!


  1. there is a compost pile in the backyard, behind the shed. and in High level you have to bring your re-usable grocery bags or else pay for plastic ones, which I've heard their planning to start in La Crete pretty soon. as for recycling, most people around here don't bother, which is rather sad. try not to let it bother you too much though :)

  2. It's just something I noticed and found strange, and worth blogging about! It's funny to come from Ontario, where it's been in the media so much to live green and have been forced to do so, and then to come here and have it almost go backward. Just different, I suppose!