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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finding Home

This morning I had an english muffin for breakfast, and I put my mom's homemade strawberry jam on it. It tasted just like home!

I'm not feeling too homesick yet, but this place doesn't quite feel like home yet, either. It feels more like I'm just looking in from the outside. Perhaps after a few months it will feel like home, and once I finish unpacking my things.

I think I should figure out where to print photos and get some printed to put around the house. I wanted to bring photos, but I didn't have much room (after shoes and dresses, of course!). I'm sure there's a printing place somewhere here, I've heard someone mention it, but I haven't found it yet.

I finally got my old laptop out so I can play all my favourite music, which has made this place more homey. Music can do great things! It still just doesn't feel like it fits, just yet. Not that it feels like I shouldn't be here, I just don't feel like a La Crete-er yet. Or an Albertan. Everything is so different and unknown.


  1. Your dad and I had a chuckle. After he complained about how many pairs of shoes you took with you, I still moved 5 pairs from the garage to your bedroom closet that you DIDNT take :)


  2. you can get pictures printed at Expressions which is in the same building as Apple Drugs.