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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alberta is starting to grow on me..

This has been a surprisingly fun week, even though I haven't got much accomplished work-wise. It's not like I haven't been trying, but it's been SO hard to get ahold of people!

Lisa and I have had a ball this week. Wednesday I decided to sleep in because I didn't need to be at work until 10:30. Lisa has other plans. She text me at 9am to get out of bed because there was "apparently" an ambulance at the dentist office next door; plus, she wanted me to meet someone. So, out of bed I got. When I got to the office there was no ambulance to be found. Whether it was there or not is still being looked into... But, I still got to meet Denise, which was nice.

Later that night, Lisa invited me for coffee with Anna (or Anne? I forget now), which was a lot of fun! We gabbed and gossipped, as women do over coffee!
This morning I slept in and came to the office just in time for lunch with Lisa. After lunch, Susan, the old reporter, came in to meet me with her adorable daughter. We talked about upcoming events and such, and it was great to finally meet her. Just before she left, Ben Peters, one of the first people to own land in La Crete, came in and we talked. He's written a number of stories about his pioneering days. He's such an interesting guy -- La Crete'ers reading this, I think you should sit down for coffee with this guy, he has some great stories! He's written and published a few, so I'm going to talk about them in my feature.

In the afternoon, I got a chocolate craving, so we went and bought soo much chocolate. I definitely didn't need that much! But I justified it like this: if my boyfriend has to be three provinces away from me, then I can eat all the chocolate I want! Who am I trying to impress? haha, hopefully he still loves me when I've gained 200lbs.

After work we went yard saling. So much fun! I had never done it before! I got so many good finds! I got a bunch of photo frames, a coat, a tea pot, two skirts, boots, a bunch of hangers so I can FINALLY finish unpacking! It was a lot of fun. We plan to do it again soon!

Then I came home and started putting up my photos. I bought a large frame, which holds a whole bunch of photos, so I filled that with photos of family and Chris, and then a couple smaller ones for work. Then I hung a few around the house.

It's really starting to look and feel like home here! :)

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