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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Maps, Memories and Mountains

Last night when I got to Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Tommy's, Uncle Tommy greeted me with a warm hello as he sat at the kitchen table, covered with maps. I had told Aunt Kathleen the news that morning, but hadn't had the chance to talk to Uncle Tommy yet.

When I approached him in the kitchen, he looked up at me, smiled and said, "Do you know where you're going?" with a surprised and anxious expression. I hesitated, "Yes..?" He pointed at the Alberta map laid out in front of him and said, "Well here's Edmonton..." Unfolded the map once, twice, thrice, and four times, "And way up here, that's where you're going!" All three of us laughed.

He said "Well do you have an Alberta map yet?" I hadn't even thought about maps yet! "No," I said, "I guess I'll need to get a few maps for my road trip out there." He handed me a second Alberta map he already had placed in my spot at the table. "Here," he said, with a smile. "We have two, so you take one."

We spent the greater part of dinner and the evening tracing out possible routes to get me to La Crete, as well as places to stop along the way. They've driven though there so many times, so Uncle Tommy had so many different suggestions and ways to go. They both chitter-chattered about their time out West, and road trips they've taken out there and up to Whitehorse.

They suggested I stay North, to avoid Edmonton traffic. However, I think I'll stay South, visit Calgary (perhaps even the Stampede if it's happening yet) and the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. Then, travel through the Rockies for a bit, and then head North to La Crete. Calgary and the Rockies are a must! They're on my bucket list (as well as the Stampede!).

I called Dylan last night to let him know of a farming opportunity in the area of La Crete. Perhaps he will come up there with me for the summer and have the chance to drive acorss Canada with me!

In either case, guess I'm going to need a map of Canada!

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