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Monday, June 14, 2010

"And a parking spot with a plug for your car"

Tom emailed me last Friday with some apartments I could rent in La Crete, which Lisa had forwarded to him. I read the three possibilities and the first one sounded great. I picked up the phone to call.

He sounded like a really nice man, and the apartment sounds amazing. I really hope I get it. He said there are some others interested, but we should be in touch this week, so I'm crossing my fingers.

We discussed what the apartment came with. It is a fully furnished two bedroom apartment with everything included. Sounds perfect! Then he says, "And it comes with a parking spot with a plug for your car." I hesitated. I don't have an electric car? "A plug in?" I ask. He laughs, "Yes, for your car. It can get to be -40 our here." The phone is quiet for a second as I stand puzzled, "So?" And he replies, "You have to plug in your car so it doesn't freeze." I laughed right out loud, and he laughed, though I believe he was laughing at me, not with me. "I didn't even know people did that, I don't even know where the plug in is on my car!" I said, finally. "Don't worry," he said, in a protective tone. "We'll take care of you."

What the heck have I got myself into?!?


  1. I love this! Do remember to plug in your car though, that way you won't be sorry in the morning :) Make sure you brings lots of warm clothing!!

  2. haha too funny. I'm trying to find her some pink long underwear! I had to explain the trap door to her haha

  3. Ashley your so cute!
    A few winters ago, it got cold enough here (Frankford) that we had to plug in our cars! You're going to have an awesome time. You are the poster child for Commencement, nothing like graduating university and starting a new life in a new world! Good luck, I know you'll do great, you're a Holmes/Foley Hybrid, which equals Unstoppable!!!! I will look forward to seeing you at Christmas! Cheers!

  4. LOL I love this! I would do the same thing...don't worry. Good luck Ashley, they'll "take care of you".

  5. Ashley,

    I'm really enjoying this. It's a great narrative!

  6. Thanks haha I hope people are enjoying it and not taking it too personally or anything :P it's been fun!