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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A surprise kitty!

Over the holidays, Chris flew back to Alberta on Boxing Day, whereas I stayed in Ontario until January 2nd. When he got back to La Crete, he didn't mention anything unusual. Which is why it was a complete surprise when I came home to see my lovely boyfriend and kitty..and this!

Another Kitty! Chris had adopted her when he got back to La Crete and kept it a surprise until I got home. Her name is Mimi, and she's Lilly's biological sister. So, they play and fight like siblings, too. I find chunks of cat hair on the floor where they were fighting, but also find them cuddling in a box together, cleaning one another, or just sleeping.

They're pretty cute! This way Lilly won't be so bored while Chris and I are away all day working. They can play together and keep one another warm and happy! That is, if they don't break us first. Two cats are a lot more expensive than one! And do they ever poo a lot! Don't even get me started on the little box situation. But, they are both potty trained and on solid foods, my babies are growing up! :)

Here's a few more photos of my little family in La Crete!

Lilly and Mimi playing with some toys I brought them from my trip to Ontario!

Here's one of Chris, Lilly and Mimi playing outside. The cats are such sissies! They won't even walk on the snow. They just get on top of one of us and sit there. I guess it was too cold for them!

Me and my babies!

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