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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A new TV!

For the last few weeks, I've been telling Chris that I've wanted to book an all-inclusive vacation where we can enjoy food and drinks on a beach somewhere, WARM! No, not warm, HOT! And Chris has been wanting a big screen TV.

Well, this time Christofer won.

Today we bought a 55 inch flat screen LED TV from the Source here in town. It was down $600 and the last one in the store, so we called to reserve it yesterday. He's like a 4 year old at Christmas, it's kind of cute.

I didn't really care for a bigger TV, but Christofer is a little blind. He can't see the TV from the other side of the room, where our couches are, so he always has to sit on the floor when we watch movies/TV. So the big screen TV isn't just a want, technically, it's a need! So there's me justfying my spending.

We dropped it off today at lunch. It didn't fit in the calibre, or Keith's SUV (our roommate who works at the Source) so we took it in Keith's boss's truck. Thank goodness for La Crete and it's large trucks and friendly people!

We haven't set it up yet, Chris is at work and I'm not even going to try to tackle it on my own. It's his toy! But I can't WAIT to start watching Grey's Anatomy on the big screen! McDreamy, here I come!

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