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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All moved in .. again!

Just before the Christmas break, Chris and I moved upstairs in the house we're renting from Abe and Martha. They've moved to Redearth for Abe to become a Pastor at a church there.

So now Chris and I are in the Master Bedroom there (with jacuzzi bathroom and walk-in closet!), and we have the downstairs living room. We decided to rent out the two rooms upstairs, so we now have two roommates: John Klassen (from Ontario) and Keith Klassen. I know, three boy roomies. I miss my girl time!

Just yesterday, we rented out the apartment downstairs that Chris and I used to live in. We rented it to two younger ladies, about my age, named Valerie and Alana. I'm excited, I hope we can watch some chick flicks or something sometime so I can get some girl gossip in. I think Chris is getting sick of being my "girlfriend" with no gals my age to gossip with out here in La Crete.

Valerie and Alana move in tomorrow, so we'll have a full house (and driveway!). We'll see how things go with all six of us living there. It's a pretty big house, but let's face it, there's hardly enough hot water for Keith and I to have decent showers in the morning before work and now we'll have two more girls downstairs fighting for hot water. Looks like I'll have to start getting up extra early!

When we moved upstairs, from the fully-furnished apartment to the empty house, we had.. well, nothing. There was a 27 inch tube TV left, so we've been using that, and some odd furnature. We ended up buying a new mattress from Sears, and Abe built us a frame for it. We also went shopping and got a bunch of things at the second hand store in La Crete: two couches, two chairs (one for our roomie's living room upstiars), kitchen supplies such as pots, pans, microwave, grill/toaster, etc. And of course, after my visit home for Christmas, I brought back bedding, pots and pans, a crock pot, and DVD player. And with our recent 55 inch TV purchase, I'd say we're just about set!

Now, if we could only get on that trip to Jamaca...

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