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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pictures of our new apartment

Okay, so I promised pictures of my apartment. So first, I'll show you where we started:

Here's the kitchen area, if you can tell...

And our bedroom!

Okay, so it was a bit of a disaster. After Chris and his friend Andy had spent about 8 hours driving from La Crete to Bonnyville, they began unloading the truck and trailer. To our surprise, U-Haul trailers are not very secure. EVERYTHING was covered in dust and dirt from the highway. So that's why everything is piled in the kitchen. We had to wash everything before it could be put in its rightful place. ANNOYING!

Anyways, after lots and lots and lots of work, both cleaning and unpacking and of course finding places to put everything, here's where we are now:

Here's Willy and Mimi enjoying some fresh air on the porch :)

Our new TV stand and lamps :)

Living room area :)

Here's our bedroom, finally put together.

So there are still lots of things that we need, such as a computer desk, gill/BBQ, coffee table and end tables, but they will all come. Then we can put up our pictures, paintings and photos and complete our apartment :)

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