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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Adjusting to life in an apartment building and welcoming spring

Having moved in the winter, Chris and I haven't really had a chance to experience the beauty of Bonnyville. Judging by the name of the town and all the lakes surrounding it, we had hoped it would be a beautiful place to settle down for a few years.

Today it's about 13 degrees. Nothing compared to Ontario's 20-25, but we'll take what we can get. It's absolutely beautiful and bright; however, with the warm weather comes melting snow. So the muddy sidewalks have made afternoons walks a little challenging, but still worth it.

Last weekend Chris and I finally had a weekend off together - our first one together since before Christmas! It was nice. We relaxed, did a lot of cleaning and organizing of the apartment and watched a few movies. And on Sunday morning, we were even able to enjoy breakfast on our porch with our kitties! :) Now all we need is a BBQ so we can start grilling some steak and burgers and we'll be set!

Our apartment has been kind of challenging, but we're adjusting. We're not used to not having the basement for the cats, so that's been interesting. But it's been nice to be able to sleep with the bedroom door open and not have to worry about a room mate peeking in at you!

With apartments come smells. So many smells. So that's been my major priority right now. I've scrubbed everything and Chris has vacuumed and we've put up quite a few air fresheners. Now it's yummy every time you walk in - despite what the halls may smell like due to our neighbour's cooking or pets.

Now, if I could just convince the baby beside me to stop screaming all the time, we'd be set!

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