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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A day with "Bob"

The other day, I went to Home Hardware to speak with a man we'll call "Bob" (as I've been asked to omit names from my blog), who is on the La Crete Health Committee. He was a great man, and gave me as much information as he could. I've interviewed him before, and being a 'man of many hats' I've seen him in the community quite a bit.

We talked about that subject, then he informed me of another great article idea and asked when I'd be able to come back out. Without hesitation, we both jumped in his truck and headed down 94th street to his other business.

Note to Torontonians and city slickers: in the country, it's not odd or dangerous to get in a car with someone you hardly know, even being a man or even a stranger. Especially in La Crete. And besides, his truck was huge, I couldn't resist.

He appologised for the smoke smell and informed me he was burning brush. That explains why my house has been covered in a black cloud of ash the last few days. He lives just on the other side of the small group of trees across the road.

After giving me a tour of his other business and doing some interviews, we talked horses on the drive back. He says he has a few of his own and recently went on a trailride in La Crete with 50 other horses. How this happened and nobody told me about it or I never found out, is still a mystery. Anyways, we went back to HomeHardware and he showed me some photos of the horses and trailride and it seemed absolutely lovely.

After having a rough day, "Bob" sure had a way of bringing light to a dull day. Hope to see you around more, "Bob!"

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