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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pioneer Days

Last week was Pioneer Days at the La Crete Heritage Centre. It was SO much fun! I didn't think I would have so much fun.

I got there in the morning and took some photos before finding a place to sit with my pancake breakfast. A woman let me sit with them, since I didn't have anyplace to sit. It turns out her name is Sarah, daughter of Henry Harvey Peters, the man who pioneered the farm Pioneer Days and the Heritage Centre is based on. What better person to meet? I got a fastastic interview and tour.

She took me to the flour mill, which originally I was going to skip but am I ever glad I didn't. Her brother, Cornie, was in there giving tours so I got some photos and they answered a bunch of questions.

The two of them sat down with me and told me what it was like when they were kids growing up on the farm. It turned into quite the eye opener for me and quite the emotional interview for Sarah. She says her father wouldn't be happy to see what has happened to her land, and it really doesn't feel like home to her any more, with everyone moved around and changed around. Who knew having your home turned into a tourist attraction was so hard on you?

After that, I drove home to drag Chris out of bed. We went for the rest of the fair, enjoyed some delicious mennonite foods, and got some old fashioned photos taken together. It was such a wonderful afternoon!

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