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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Last week, my mom asked for one professional favour: that I take at least ONE day a week to myself. A ME DAY. I work every day, whether I'm at an event, at the office, or working from home. She said if I didn't slow down, I would get burnt out, and well.. Mom's know best! So today is my ME DAY!

I woke up when Chris got up and he made me breakfast. After he left for work, I went back to bed until almost 10am. I'd say my ME DAY is already off to a good start!

After that I sat around in my PJs, my favourite passtime, and did some cleaning and facebook creeping. Okay, mostly facebook creeping.

I missed the finale of Big Brother last night, so I looked it up online and started watching that. It was a two hour finale, so I took a few breaks. I paused it to make lunch for noon, when Chris was coming home. We has soup, pasta, and a bun. We had some hangout time on the couch, trying to figure out why our lives have become so busy and trying to schedule in a few things we want to get done this week, before he left again.

I finished watching Big Brother in my PJs and called my parents for a good chat. We talked about Big Brother, home, about a vehicle Chris and I have our eyes on, and other things. As we were hanging up the phone, I was promising myself I was going to shower and get dressed now. It was 2:00, but Dad asked me if I wanted to play Warcraft (I know, I'm a total nerd. My parents and I play a lot together now that I've moved so far away). So we played that for a bit before Dad had to go for dinner.

Finally, I showered and got dressed! Wearing my lovely pink John Deere shirt Aunt Debbie and Uncle Matt got me :)

I finally got around to hemming my pants I bought when I was in Edmonton, and have yet to sew on the buttons on a coat I got at a yard sale a while ago.

It has been a great day. I feel totally revived. It's been so busy since Chris came to Alberta, so it was a nice day to myself. Next week, I don't have any events, so I'm sure it won't be so hectic. I'll get a chance to do a few features!

Thanks for the advice, Mom!

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