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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ontarians to Alberta

Last week, I picked up Chris from Edmonton, which was quite the ordeal in itself. an 8 hour drive straight, with the ferry out, just to find out his flight no longer would come in at 9am the next day, but 11:15pm the next day. Obviously, I was not impressed.

We had a dreadful drive through the night, both so frustrated with each other we didn't even speak. When we pulled in the driveway we both looked at each other and just laughed. Luckily, we started liking each other again.

Now, of course, everything is wonderful. Couldn't be better! I am so happy to have him here with me.

Yesterday, he got a job in La Crete with Quality Motors as a Finance Control Assistant. I am so happy for this! I was worried he would have to go back to Ontario if he couldn't find a job. We're still not sure how much he makes, but we're both so excited for this.

I was both excited and nervous when he got the job. Excited, because it meant he would be staying in La Crete with me. Nervous, because it meant we were really staying here for a while. For a few years, perhaps. And that made me nervous and homesick.

My friend Kristin also started working in Grimshaw, Alberta, this week. I haven't been down to see her yet, but we're trying to work out some time to visit one another in the next couple of weeks. I am so happy I have some Ontarians here with me now!

This place is finally starting to feel like home.

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