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Monday, August 16, 2010

A really fun weekend in the north :)

After our wild night Friday, I came home and went to bed shortly after midnight. On Saturday, I went to Fort Vermilion for a Children's Festival shortly after noon. It was neat, there were all sorts of events for the kids and it was all free. A bike rodeo, face paints, jumping castles, running races, cupcake decorating, etc. It was so neat! I got a lot of pictures of the kids for the paper, and did my Question of the Week there.

After that, I came home to work on some stories for a bit and went in to the office. After dinner, I picked up Kevin, Lisa's son, to head off to the races at Penner Speedway. It was fun, and I even saw my landlord Abe there. I got some nice photos and got to meet some new people.

After dropping Kevin off safe and sound, I headed off to George and Margaret's, where they and Lisa, Henry, Kat and Jadzia were relaxing around the fire. I picked some delicious raspberries and then we had hotdogs around the fire and hungout for a while. It was really nice...until we found the huge spiders in the garden. Tons of them. There were 6 or so in this one area, and they were huge. Luckily, spider hero pabah (George) came to the rescue with some awesome spray!

I came home and then Chris and I were up until nearly 5am chatting online and playing games. So dumb! Lol so then I slept until noon the next day, which I hate.

When I woke up, Kat had text me asking if I'd like to go to High Level to the pool and for dinner. I said yes, and grabbed some breakfast at the computer. Then mom called me from skype and I got to say hello to grandma, grandpa, uncle paul, sharon, brad, mom and dad :) It was nice!

After that Kat came with Jadzia and we headed to the big down of High Level for a swim. It was a nice, relaxing day, filled with bad techno music. We went to Boston Pizza for dinner and hardly touched either of our meals. So much food! But it was a lot of fun. I'm heading back to High Level on Wednesday, although I'm not sure where the office is there....

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