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Monday, August 16, 2010

Best Friday Night in La Crete Yet!

This weekend has been a lot of fun. Friday after work, Lisa invited me to do some pickling at her place with Margaret. I have never liked pickles, but I really like Margaret's pickles. I don't know how she does it, but they're delicious! So we did that for a bit and then I went out with Ryan on the 4wheeler. It was hilarious. This thing was meant for a 6 year old and theres myself and Ryan on there together, driving around the feilds.

Then I went back to pickling and playing with the cats. After that, Lisa, Henry, George (Pabah), Margaret, Kat, Jadzia and myself all went for dinner. It was nice, and then we went back to Lisa's for a couple of drinks on the porch.

As we were chatting and enjoying the lovely evening, we hear people racing up and down main street, a few blocks away. So we call the RCMP, because they're rarely in La Crete. Kat calls them a few times because it kept getting worse, and then we decide to go for a walk to see what's up, and get a license plate to call in to the RCMP.

We get to main street and see a silver sinfire racing up and down, among others. We tried over and over to get the license plate, but in alberta there are only license plates on the back, so its hard to get the numbers. As we're walking, we see someone else race down and BAM! They get pulled over. Hilarious! Right in front of us. And then, literally 5 seconds later, a second cop pulls over another vehicle on the other side of the road. Total chaos in La Crete. Lights on both sides of the road, and two people pulled over at once. This is huge. \

So the second guy leaves pretty quickly, but the first guy is getting searched. Then, for some unknown reason, 4 other vehicles pull up and get searched. If I were a stupid boy teenager driving up and down mainstreet drunk, I wouldnt go investigate when my friend got pulled over, but hey, I'm not a drunken teenaged boy either. So now all 5 vehicles are getting searched and ticketed.

All the while, the silver car is still driving up and down main street. Then he slows down and yells at us, not only slowing down enough for us to get his license plate, but also a description of the guy. BAM! Call the RCMP and 20 minutes later he calls back to say he found the guy and ticketed him.

6 tickets in one night. Apparently over 800 dollars worth of tickets. All becaue of us! ha! And as this was going on, I went in to the office and called the RCMP asking for an update. They should be sending the press release soon. :)

I think that's the most action this town has seen in a long time :P

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