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Monday, August 2, 2010

Camping at Tompkins

This weekend I went camping in Tompkins, just near the ferry to La Crete. It was a ton of fun. I went with Lisa, her family, Kat, and her daughter and her parents. Kat and I shared a tent, so I got some girl talk giggles in before bed (Danica, I think you know what I mean..haha)

Henry, Lisa's husband, had a great time teaching me German. And by teaching me German, I of course mean that he taught me all the bad things I need to know. I won't even repeat the things he was teaching me! But it was a ton of fun. Henry and I also had a water fight, which we won't speak of again. I will, however, get him back. One day...

Kat and I rented some kayaks on Saturday and took them down to the beach at the ferry. It was a ton of fun. It wasn't until after we'd rented them that I was told the Peace River is the third most dangerous river in the world. Great. It was fun though. Kat and I kayaked over to this sandbar island and hung out there for a while before heading back to camp.

Later that evening, Tony and his girlfriend arrived, and Tony wanted to go Kayaking. So Kat and I went to kayak upriver to where Tony and the rest of the kids were waiting to go kayaking. Because none of the parents were around, Henry wanted either Kat or I kayaking with one of the kids. Well, by the time we got up to the ferry, I was exhausted. Tony took Kat's place in her kayak and said, 'let's go upriver past the ferry.' It just about killed me! It was fun though, but my arms were quite sore the next day.

I introduced the Albertans to banana boat s'mores and "changed their lives." They're so good! I think everyone enjoyed them, even Henry, who refuses to admit that something I do or make is amazing! :P

All weekend I was comparing and keeping points on whether camping was better in Northern Alberta or Northern Ontario. Ontario's benefits were that the bugs weren't so bad and when I left home from camping in the north, I was no longer IN the north. Alberta's benefits were that it was lighter longer and of course when I was camping in Northern Ontario, I was at Rangers, so it was (for the most part) alcohol free.

All in all, I'd say they're about tied. We may have to go again to make my decision final.

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