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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

La Crete Highlights: Introducing Greg to Cool

Last night we met our friend Greg at the Pizza Place (famous La Crete pizza store - the best pizza I've ever had!) for ice cream. After that, it was still so sunny and nice out at 9:30 pm that we decided to go for a drive in our new, sexy truck, called McSexy.

We soon realized that Greg had never been to La Crete's "lake" (*note: the lake is a glorified pond to you Ontarians who live on the Great Lakes). The lake is famously called "Duck-Shit-Lake" so you can imagine the beauty of it. :P

Anyways, we drove him out there to show him his students' party place. It's really nice if you're not standing down wind of the stench smell. It's a small pond/lake so the water is still, which makes it smell a bit swampy and duck-shit like, but aside from that, it's pretty nice! haha. There were people tubing and when one fell off Greg pleaded for them to get back into the boat quietly to himself. He's quite the city boy and had a problem with the smell and water with with he called "green guck" in it.

(This photo was taken at "Duck Shit Lake" last September when Chris first moved to La Crete)

We went to sit on one of the picnic tables, wanting to start a fire but without a lighter or matches, but were soon chased away by an army of mosquitoes. That didn't seem to bother all the people down at the lake, but we were starting to overdo it with Greg. Poor city boy :P (sorry Greg, if you're reading this!)

So then, of course, we had to do a couple small donuts in the truck so Greg could tell his students that he was reliving his teenage years in La Crete: going to the Pizza Place, Duck Shit Lake, and even being reckless by doing donuts.

After that, Greg wanted to turn the music up really high and go "cruising" as his students do, and he said his vehicle just wasn't cool enough. We agreed. So we cruised around La Crete for a little while, circling the post office and fire hall a couple times and then came to the conclusion that cruising is both non economical, environmental and is just plain stupid.

We drove Greg to his vehicle, but he still refused to get out. He said he wanted to do something else. Then we realized he had never been the the old La Crete Ferry landing, out by the river.

"What have you been doing in La Crete for the last year?" I asked him. Apparently nothing. He apparently doesn't go for these random drives like Chris and I like to do to discover new parts of the area. So we drove him about 20 minutes to the river, walked for about 4 or 5 minutes before being chased away by an even larger army of mosquitoes, and then drove home.

by this time, it was after 10:30 pm and Greg had lots of stories to tell his students: he'd been cruising with loud music, been to two of their party areas; the river and the lake, and ate at their favourite restaurant.

We agreed that that night alone made Greg the cool teacher. If he wasn't already.

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