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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bradley Bear

For those of you who actually know me reading this blog, you know all about my brother Bradley and the crazy things he does! You also know that he's autistic, which makes being so far away even more difficult.

You see, I call home about everyday ... okay, multiple times a day sometimes (hey, if you've got free long distance you may as well put it to good use!) and I always talk to my mom and dad whenever they're around, but only sometimes do I get a good conversation in with Brad. But when we do, it's so worth the wait.

Bradley's mood swings are worst than any PMS anyone has ever experienced. He can go from happy to mad in seconds. So whenever he's in a good mood, I try to talk to him.

Mom or Dad will put me on speakerphone so he can hear me and he usually holds the phone, playing "stop sign" with it or using it as a car while we talk. The other day we had a good, long conversation for about 40 minutes. We probably could have talked longer, but I had to get to work. One of the few times I hated my job because I wanted to talk all day!

Bradley sat in my room at Mom and Dads and looked out the windows, telling me about all the flowers he could see: yellow, red and orange, he told me. Then he told me about the rain and the sun and the rainbow (okay, so I'm not sure if all of these were true, but that's besides the point!). The rainbow had "all the colours" he said "all six!" He's so smart :)

Then he told me about all the people who came down to visit him during the May long weekend. Aunt Dale, Uncle Waaaaaaaaaleter, and "everybody" he said. Even his worker, Al, came by. When I asked what he said to Brad, he said "Al was smoking" *cough cough* haha, caught you again Al! Brad's a good taddle tale.

We also played the "Ashley eat this" game, where he makes me pretend to eat bumble bees, fire trucks and even Alberta. This game is hilarious for him, annoying for me. But he loves it so I do it!

Finally I told him it wasn't raining in Alberta like it was in Frankford. He stopped for a few minutes and thought about that. Then he said.. "Ashley come to Frankford?" It just about broke my heart! When I told him I wouldn't be home until Christmas he sighed and sadly said "Oh .. okay."

I sure miss seeing him and talking to him about the weather, race cars and everything else. We'll have to have a special brother-sister day once I get back to Ontario at Christmas to make up for all the days we've missed.

xo B-Rad aka Brother Bear.
Love Sister Bear.

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