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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old MacDonald had a Farm...

Last week, I had the most wonderful time outside on a cold day in La Crete.

I know, it sounds crazy, right? Well I spent the afternoon visiting La Crete's Farm Family of the Year.

They live just outside of La Crete on a beautiful piece of land, where Mr. Farmer grew up. Mr. Farmer’s Dad used to be a wheat farmer, with a few cattle, but when Mr. Farmer and his wife bought the farm, they turned it into a cattle farm.

But not just cattle, as if 370 wasn’t enough. They have 6 horses, a rabbit, 15 cats, 3 dogs, chickens, ducks, and in the summer they also have goats, pigs and sheet. For the kids, says Mr. Farmer. Because apparently the kids don’t have enough animals to play with!

Mr. Farmer also said he was expecting over 100 more calves in the next few weeks. He said last year his record was 20 calves in one day. Absolute craziness!

Back home, it’s dairy farms galore, so this cattle farming and wheat farming stuff was all new to me.

Mr. and Mrs. Farmer, and their lovely daughter and son took me on an entire tour of their farm, inside and out. Their daughter even showed me her rabbit.

It was a really welcoming place and I loved spending the afternoon there, even with having so many articles on the go and so much to do at the office. It was nice to just spend the afternoon on a farm and decompress.

Mr. and Mrs. Farmer, who had just met me, referred to me as Auntie to their kids, probably just so they would know I was a friend and someone they could trust going through their barns and house. It was nice, though, to feel like a piece of someone’s family out here. I feel like people do that a lot here, call friends Auntie to their kids, and I really like it.

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