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Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentine's Day

Christofer and I shared a much different Valentine's Day than last year.

Last year, dressed up and went for dinner at Moxie's and then went for a walk in downtown Toronto. He also brought me a dozen white roses.

This year, Moxies was certainly out of the questions, as well as any sort of romantic walk due to the -30 weather we've been having.

We considered going to Grande Prairie or Peace River for a night, but then decided it was too much driving for a movie and dinner. So we decided that we would enjoy a candlelit dinner at La Mexicana in La Crete (since Fort Vermilion and High Level were out of the question with a snow storm).

At noon, Chris brought me a beautiful pink rose arrangement. He, and most of the other men in La Crete, were in a panic because the La Crete flower store was out of the both red and white roses. At noon! On Valentine's Day!

After lunch, we got pulled over for our windows being too tinted. After a stare down with a new RCMP officer who I had just interviewed weeks ago, he decided to let us go with a warning. We went to Quality Motors to get the windows fixed.

After work, I went to pick up more chocolates to make a cute basket arrangement for Chris with wine, chocolates, strawberries and other Valentines Day yummies. It was at this point when we realized there was something wrong with the Sunfire.

It smelled like burning, was shaking, had smoke coming out of it, and was constantly shutting down. We somehow managed to make it to QM and at that point, both our Sunfire and Calibre were in the shop. Great.

Apparently there was nothing wrong with our Sunfire, says the mechanic, so we took the Sunfire home. That, of course, is when it started acting funny again. It has once again shut off and will not move, so really it's just taking up space in our shed. Awesome.

On the bright side, we had a lovely dinner. And Christofer surprised me with the most wonderful Valentine's Day present.

A white gold, Canadian Diamond promise ring. It's a heart with a diamond in the middle. Absolutely gorgeous!

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