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Monday, February 7, 2011

High Valley

I've lived in La Crete for nearly 7 months now, and have done one phone interview with Brad from High Valley, but surprisingly hadn't met them in person.

I'd met their mother, who lives just across the street from me. And of course my parents met them, at a concert in Belleville, Ontario. But not I.

Not until this weekend, that is.

I was at La Crete Public School Friday night covering their annual basketball tournament, Hoop Classic. Lisa had text me saying Curtis from High Valley was there and was going to try to stop by the office to see me.

I wouldn't have recognised him at Hoop Classic if my friend and LCPS teacher, Greg Ferris, hadn't pointed him out to me. Curtis must have seen me standing on a chair, trying to get some decent photos over all the tall people infront of me, and waved to me from a few seats away.

Of course, me being the country music crazed human being I am, didn't have the guts to go over and say hello to the oh so dreamy country music star. So I stood on the chair, like an idiotic child, and missed my opportunity to say hello.

I wasnted to talk to him a) because hello, he's High Valley! I love country music, therefore, I love High Valley, and I must make those boys make me their new friend. b) I secretly want High Valley to bring their friend and producer Paul Brandt (my altime favourite person ever, well, close tie with Kurt Browning) to La Crete; and c) I wanted to interview him about their trip to India.

Okay, I left option a) and b) out and just asked him about India.

Curtis ended up going to the office after I had left for Fort Vermilion. He was looking for me. Great, country music star is looking for ME and I'm gone. Good one, Ashley. So we set up an interview date for Monday. Which was today.

The interview was great. I tried desperatly to pull off the 'I'm from La Crete so High Valley isn't a big deal' thing, but I'm pretty sure Curtis saw right through it. On the inside I was like 'I LOVE HIGH VALLEY, I CAN'T BELIEVE CURTIS IS IN MY OFFICE..TALKING TO ME!"

We're basically best friends now. I mean, he gave his email so I could get photos from their trip to India. That's got to mean something. That's totally grounds for friendship.

After the India interview we talked a bit about their music. They're playing in Peace River this summer and I desperately want to go see them. I haven't even seen them perform yet! (hint hint, High Valley, if you're reading this)

Their brother, Brad, lives in Nashville. Curtis mentions this like its no big deal. Um, Nashville is the centre of the world, I wanted to tell him, it's kind of a big deal! I asked him who some of Brad's neighbours are, and he, being humble, wouldn't say. I'm pretty sure looking up my celeb neighbours would be first on my to do list. #1. find out where Tim and Faith live, #2. find out where Taylor Swift lives, #3. find out where Brad Paisley lives..... #198. unpack.

Okay, being interviewed by the Northern Pioneer may not have made their bucket list, but interviewing them has sure made mine!

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  1. I love this post. I saw they were playing for Peace Fest this summer too and contemplated buying early bird tickets...and then didn't. Who knows though, I might still go.